Compete to Run the Free World!

The first mmorpg based on the criminal aspects of politics. Start as a citizen and work your way up the ranks of the political underworld.

Bribe judges, fix elections, wage wars that will never end, all in the name of your country. And the best thing is it's free and fun, you can play it in your browser straight away, no download is required.

There can be only one Supreme Ruler

Work your way through the countless levels of the political establishment. Try to increase your overall net worth while not letting the whole country on to what type of frivolous expenditures your campaign has incurred. Join others, and create a party in order to solidify your power structure.

Only through defeating your opponents can your party be certain to secure powerful positions. Take the time to get to know your enemies and whenever possible have them arrested or detained. The political world takes no prisoners, and leaves no survivors. It is your goal to make it through the political arena and not only come out unscathed, but come out the supreme ruler of all.

What is YOUR role here?

Are you looking for a political simulation game? Think you have what it takes to run the world? With you will be given the opportunity to see where in the political structure you fall, are you an Advocate for Self-Government or do you prefer the role of Supreme Ruler?

Will you take the role of an Anarchist and work against the Political Machine, or will you work as congressmen greasing the wheels of the machine?